Advances in technology should empower museums to present their collections in new and innovative ways, yet many institutions lack the resources to stay on top of rapidly changing software updates and changes. Urban Archive alleviates this challenge, making it easy for our partner institutions to:

  • Curate their digital holdings in a central content management system

  • Present these assets to current and new museum-goers via the app interface

  • Enhance exhibitions with immersive content

  • Collaborate to share New York City’s history with the public

So we’re centralizing the city’s historical holdings into a single, accessible resource.

We’re mapping digital collections and making these historic documents accessible to new audiences.

Urban Archive features over 80,000 images of old NYC, sourced from museums and libraries across the city’s five boroughs.

Users receive fun location-based notifications as they navigate the city.

Our platform can be tied into new and existing systems to provide additional exposure and reach even broader audiences.