Your role

Urban Archive is a technology nonprofit that creates new connections 
between people, places, and historical institutions. Our mission is to inspire learning that's rooted in what's local — the architecture, culture, and unique stories of New York City.

Tens of thousands of iPhone owners are currently using the Urban Archive app to explore the city’s history and to interact with dozens of New York museums. We are looking for a thoughtful, well-rounded part-time engineer to create the Android version of our app. This app will facilitate access to all of the city’s historical records and support a standardized approach to digital activities across various New York institutions. As part of our cross-disciplinary team, you will play an important part in our mobile engineering practice, implementing new features, and improving performance.

What you’ll do

  • Collaborate with a very small, autonomous team of developers, a designer, and a product manager

  • Work remotely, or work out of our Lower East Side office.

  • Attend weekly check-ins with the rest of the team (online or in person)

  • Help your team solve problems in a way that makes sense for Android users and our codebase

Who you are

  • You have a deep understanding of modern Android development

  • You know how to write readable, maintainable Java (or Kotlin, or another JVM language you think is more appropriate)

  • You have released at least one app or have a project in the works that you can share with us

You’ll be Implementing

  • An interactive map using the Mapbox SDK that allows users to access historical media tied to over 20,000 locations across the 5 boroughs

  • Urban Archive APIs to search and fetch content and display it to users

  • Native geofencing and background location monitoring capabilities to send push notifications to users when they are near interesting historical locations

  • An audio player with downloading and streaming capabilities for walking tours and museum tours

  • A simple Stripe integration that allows users to purchase prints of historical photographs

  • Photo capture for the creation of then and now photograph recreations

  • In-app event analytics using

  • Estimote SDK to support our experiments with bluetooth beacons

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