Before you can contribute to Urban Archive, you’ll need to sign up as an organizational partner. You can request to become a partner by contacting us at team@urbanarchive.nyc. Our team will meet with you, establish an MOU and take the next steps from there.

CMS Access

As our partner, you’ll have access to the Urban Archive content management system (CMS). Our custom-built CMS is what powers our platform; it is designed to deliver a rich variety of content and features to the Urban Archive app in real time.

We will ask for the names of staff you would like to have access to the CMS, and everyone will be given a login. You can always request CMS for additional team members by emailing us at team@urbanarchive.nyc.

In the future, you can use the “CMS login” button found on our homepage to access your CMS account.

Preview Your Organization Page

Once you’re signed up as a partner, Urban Archive will give you stakeholder spot in the app. We’ll highlight your organization with its own page (we’ll call it your “Org Page”) and feature it on Urban Archive home screen. Your Org page is where your collections, tours, audio guides, events, and more will be anchored in the app for users to discover.

Join the Team Build with TestFlight

TestFlight is an app that makes it easy to test out new features and preview content in the Urban Archive app before releasing it publicly to users. You can download TestFlight on your iPhone via the App Store and follow these steps to join. We call this version of the app the Team Build.