Collections and Curation

We will let you know once your collections are uploaded into the Urban Archive CMS. Once the collections are in the CMS, they are ready to be located.

Locating Collections

Though Urban Archive is usually the one to work on the locating effort, we welcome institutional assistance with locating. For some tips and information about how Urban Archive has been creating locations, please see our Locating Collections Manual and this Style Guide. (For example, this Style Guide will tell you we use the full words Street and Avenue, we use Fifth Avenue but 5th Street, and information about other address/naming conventions).


  1. You are only able to locate and add posts to photos from your own collections.

  2. In some cases, locating happens automatically if your metadata included exact addresses. It is still a good idea to login and check the addresses and make sure they look the way you want, the neighborhood is correct, you can add a special name, etc. The UA content team will also be checking for this information as well.

Creating Curated Content (Lists, Walks, Hunts)

These features are a great way to create content that is branded/attributed to your institution. While you can only locate and add posts to your own collections, here you can add any photo, from any institution on the app to a list/walk/hunt. And you can add your own content/context using the text field that is visible within the list or walk interface on the app.

  1. List - A group of locations related to a specific subject/theme, but not walkable, some will have additional historic text as part of the list (Small Cemeteries) and other will just include the photos (Great Storef(r)onts)

  2. Walk - A tour of a specific area, sometimes a general tour of the area (Meatpacking District Walking Tour) or related to a specific topic (Terminal City: What Remains)

  3. Hunts - These are event-based tours that show attendees photos and clues and they need to figure out the location and visit it to ‘check in’ and score points. (East Harlem and Yorkville Hunt)